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2018-2019 Baseball

Tue, Mar 05 4:30PMPampa JVPampa
Pampa JVPampa
Tue, Mar 05 5:00PMShattuck V/JVShattuck
Shattuck V/JVShattuck
Fri, Mar 08 T.B.AAltus VAltus
Altus VAltus
Fri, Mar 08 5:00PMAltus JVElk City
Altus JVElk City
Sat, Mar 09 1:00PMLawton Mac JVLawton Mac
Lawton Mac JVLawton Mac
Mon, Mar 11 5:00PMClinton V/JVElk City
Clinton V/JVElk City
Tue, Mar 12 5:00PMClinton VElk City
Clinton VElk City
Tue, Mar 12 5:00PMClinton JVClinton
Clinton JVClinton
Thu, Mar 14 5:00PMWoodward V/JVElk City
Woodward V/JVElk City
Fri, Mar 15 5:00Snyder JVSnyder
Snyder JVSnyder
Sat, Mar 16 1:00PMBenBrook, TX VBenBrook, TX
BenBrook, TX VBenBrook, TX
Mon, Mar 18 1:00PMMission Baseball Academy VSan Antonio, TX
Mission Baseball Academy VSan Antonio, TX
Thu, Mar 21 T.B.A.Sayre Tournament JVSayre Tournament
Sayre Tournament JVSayre Tournament
Fri, Mar 22 TBASayre Tournament JVSayre Tournament
Sayre Tournament JVSayre Tournament
Sat, Mar 23 T.B.ASayre Tournament JVSayre Tournament
Sayre Tournament JVSayre Tournament
Mon, Mar 25 5:00PMAnadarko V/JVElk City
Anadarko V/JVElk City
Tue, Mar 26 5:00PMAnadarko V/JVAnadarko
Anadarko V/JVAnadarko
Thu, Mar 28 T.B.ATournamentT.B.A
Mon, Apr 01 5:00PMCache VCache
Cache VCache
Tue, Apr 02 5:00PMCache VElk City
Cache VElk City
Tue, Apr 02 4:30PMMerrittMerritt
Thu, Apr 04 T.B.AHobart Tournament
Hobart Tournament
Thu, Apr 04 T.B.APiedmont/Kingfisher VPiedmont
Piedmont/Kingfisher VPiedmont
Fri, Apr 05 T.B.APiedmont/Kingfisher V Kingfisher
Piedmont/Kingfisher V Kingfisher
Mon, Apr 08 5:00PMWeatherfordWeatherford
Mon, Apr 08 5:00PMWeatherfordElk City
WeatherfordElk City
Mon, Apr 08 5:00PMWeatherford V Elk City
Weatherford V Elk City
Tue, Apr 09 5:00PMWeatherfordElk City
WeatherfordElk City
Tue, Apr 09 5:00PMWeatherford V Weatherford
Weatherford V Weatherford
Thu, Apr 11 5:00PMClintonElk City
ClintonElk City
Thu, Apr 11 T.B.AArenett Tournament Arenett
Arenett Tournament Arenett
Thu, Apr 11 T.B.ATecumsehTecumseh
Fri, Apr 12 5:00PMClintonClinton
Mon, Apr 15 5:00PMAltus VElk City
Altus VElk City
Mon, Apr 15 5:00PMChickasha VChickasha
Chickasha VChickasha
Mon, Apr 15 5:00PMSnyder Snyder
Snyder Snyder
Tue, Apr 16 5:00PMChickasha VElk City
Chickasha VElk City
Thu, Apr 18 5:00PMAltus V Elk City
Altus V Elk City
Fri, Apr 19 5:00PMMangum VElk City
Mangum VElk City
Tue, Apr 23 5:00PMShattuck Varsity Elk City
Shattuck Varsity Elk City
Thu, Apr 25 T.B.ABI-District Elk City
BI-District Elk City
Wed, May 01 T.B.AREGIONAL Tournament T.B.A
REGIONAL Tournament T.B.A
Thu, May 09 T.B.AState Tournament T.B.A
State Tournament T.B.A
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