Student Organization Says, “Be the First”

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Family, Career and Community Leaders of America hosted their first annual Be the First campaign party. Be the First is a Nation Wide campaign to encourage students to be the first generation to stop tobacco completely.

“Let’s make history together and help create a tobacco-free generation,” encouraged the pledge poster for the event.

FCCLA members created a booth in the high school commons to help bring awareness to the students about the dangers of tobacco. In a slide show at the booth, students learned statistics and the effects of using tobacco. After watching the slide show students were encouraged to pledge to be tobacco free and sign the petition on ending flavored tobacco.  The event also included free popcorn, music and games.

“Today was good. I enjoyed using the FCCLA event to bring the student body together to have a tobacco-free campus and world,” says FCCLA member, Bree Barnett.

“The event turned out wonderful,” said Ms. Roberts, FCCLA sponsor. “It was a complete success!”