Baseball Prepares for Districts


Dapreesha Hull

Karsen Dixon pitches in the home game against Altus.

The Elks won 13-1 over Clinton this week after two losses to them earlier in the season.

There has been quite a bit of competition in their district from the Clinton Red Tornadoes who are 22-9 and the Chickasha Fighting Chicks at 15-14. The Elks have come back strong starting with their 6-3 win over Chickasha April 16, and have been practicing to prepare for Districts.

“There are times during the evening when we have free time, and we will go out and put in some extra practice. Nothing big, just stuff like working on hitting or catching. Just anything we can do to help the team out,” said Cale Brooks.

“We have a very good group of young men who love the sport, and yes we have a lot of competition. But, as long as we play to the best of our abilities, we will be fine,”  said Coach McClure.

The Elks are equipped with a great arsenal of players. Standing up on the pitcher’s mound is senior Karsen Dixon. Behind home plate at catcher is senior Brandon Purvis. Let’s not forget Kelby Lowrance. He may not be the fastest on the team, but outfielders might want to take a couple of steps back when he comes up to bat.

“I’ve been playing with most of these guys forever, and each one of them loves the sport just as much as I do. We all have our own set of abilities on the field and the drive to want to win every game we play. We’re more of a family than a team I feel like,” said junior Caden Culver.

The Elks will begin Districts April 25 at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. against Bridgecreek on their home field.

“I feel pretty good coming into the end of the season, we have had a couple of games where things just didn’t click but we are starting to play more as a team if we all play the best we can and don’t miss any assignments we can beat just about anyone,” said Kobe Gerhold.

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