High School Receives Grants for Electronics


Shailee Ross

Mrs. Snider uses the charging station to get them ready for class.

Shailee Ross, Sports Editor

The Elk City Education Foundation awarded over $60,000 in grant awards to district teachers on Monday, January 21. The high school math and special education departments were chosen as grant recipients.

Coach Hamm, Ms. Wilson, Mrs. Lively and Mrs. Snider worked together to apply for a grant for graphing and scientific calculators. They applied in October of 2018, and the grants were due before Christmas break.

“I would like to thank the Elk City Education Foundation for approving this grant. Our students will benefit greatly from the generosity of the Foundation,” said Ms. Wilson.

Ms. Wilson said none of the teachers had enough for their classes to use, and in high school math students will need a calculator to check their answers.

The special education department grant was awarded district-wide for new ipads, with Mrs. Mikle’s class receiving a portion of them. The students will be able to use them for educational games, learning and research.

“I’m very thankful for the education foundation, and how it provides resources for the teachers to use. I’m very honored to have been chosen,” said Mrs. Mikles.