Spanish Classroom Obtains a Language Lab

Leandra Weldon
Mrs. Simon's fifth-hour Spanish Class.

Mrs. Jennifer Simon’s Spanish class received a $26,000 grant for a Language Lab from Champions for Excellence.

The classroom was closed for installation on January 15 and 16. In the meantime, class was held in the Pioneer Center’s Hospitality Room. “I appreciate the Language Lab! It helps me teach and do more speaking activities,” said Mrs. Simon.

Learning a new language can be very intimidating and scary for students, especially in front of people. The Language Lab helps to eliminate that.  It contains baskets that lower from the ceiling containing a pair of headphones with a microphone on them. Mrs. Simon has a monitor station controlling all of the headphones. She can play videos on the smart board, talk to the students and conduct lessons through the headphones. Students can also be paired for speaking activities with anyone from around the room, and no one can hear the conversation but the partners and teacher.

Students began using the lab the day after installation was complete. “I loved it. It was awesome,” said Talynn Jones, Spanish student.

“I’m blessed to have a Language Lab! It makes my students more confident and improves their speaking. The Lab will open up more activities for me to do with my students,” said Mrs. Simon.