Finding Resources for the ACT

Isaac McCalip, Staff Writer

American College Testing, also known as ACT, is one of the most well-known tests in the United States. According to, over two million students took the ACT just in 2017. Everything as far as colleges, scholarships, grants and sometimes even loans base value on if students have taken the ACT and what the score was.

Most colleges in the Midwest and the South require an ACT score for their application. Colleges use these scores to determine academic readiness and the amount of financial aid they will offer to students through each year. Almost all individual scholarships on the national, state and local level require an ACT score also.

There are many resources for getting prepared for the ACT. The number one resource is the place students go to five days a week, the everyday high school classroom. The ACT’s questions consist of advanced material that students have learned throughout high school. To review the advanced material of the ACT, students can go to for free practice tests and even sign up for online workshops and activities. There are also many books that students can buy to do more practice tests and review more material.

High School Juniors in Oklahoma are required to take the ACT every April. This test is funded by the state of Oklahoma. Students who take the test on their own time will have to pay for it. As of 2019, the ACT test with the subject “writing” is $67.00. The ACT test without writing is a lower cost of $50.50.

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