The Pride of Elk City Travels to the Camping World Bowl


All photos courtesy of Elk City High School Band

Group picture at Nasa.

Elk City High School band traveled to Orlando, Florida to participate in the Camping World Bowl half-time performance and visit the sites along the way.

Students gathered to load the buses at 6:00 p.m. Christmas Day. Before heading out, the band directors prayed with the students for a great trip and safe travels on the 26-hour bus ride ahead. As the students loaded the buses to leave, Elk City Police Department made a surprise visit. Lights on sirens blaring, the police officers gave the band an escort to the highway shutting down all roads along the way. People lined the roads cheering as the band passed.

The band arrived in Orlando around 9:00 p.m. on December 26. Students started the next day at 6:00 a.m. with a 4-hour practice, to prepare for the big half-time performance, on December 28. During the practice students got a taste of Florida’s weather, the temperature reached a high of 80 degrees. After the practice students got to let loose and spend the rest of the day at Universal Studios and Island of Adventure. After a long day at the theme parks, students got to relax and participate in the hotel activities before curfew.

The following day, students woke up and got ready for another 4 hours of practice before the big game. The band arrived at the stadium around 2:00 p.m, beating the fan bases and crowd to the seats. During the downtime before the game, the students got to watch New York and West Virginia warm up. The game kicked off at 4:30 p.m. At the second quarter, the performers made there way down to field level for the big half time performance. “As the band entered the field the crowd went crazy with cheers. As we performed, fireworks went off all around us. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience,” said student, Nichole Knight.

In the following days, the students revisited Universal Studios and Island of Adventure, before spending the last day at Coco Beach, the band made a pit stop at NASA.  The students loaded the buses for home around 6:00 p.m. on December 30. Arriving back in Elk City around 8:00 p.m. New Years Eve.

“The trip was one of the best trips I’ve been on by far. The students and sponsors were awesome! Only thing I despised was leaving the warm weather.”, says band director, Randy Brooks.