Jesse Bui Speaks Up

Brooklyne Hargis, Staff Member

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On November 8, local Future Farmers of America student, Jesse Bui, competed in the American Farmers and Ranchers speech contest in Cache. There, he received first place for his speech over climate change, when he referenced the tornado that hit Elk City mid-May the year of 2017.

The reason he chose this devastating example was to show how Elk City people and FFA members came together to not only help pick up what was destroyed but make an impact on climate change as a whole.

After placing first in the speech contest at Cache, Jesse then advanced to Stillwater. Arriving in Stillwater on November 30, Jesse prepared himself to present his speech the following day. As he woke up the next morning at 5:30 a.m., Jesse was so overwhelmed with excitement that he couldn’t go back to sleep.

“I woke up and just couldn’t go back to sleep, even as I tried my body just wouldn’t let me,” says Jesse.

As Jesse arrived at the speech contest, he soon found out he would be going first in his competition room to give his speech. He was part of a huge category, which already made him nervous, but the fact that he had to present his speech first was really nerve-racking.

Jesse ended up not placing in his speech category, but offered to share the lessons he has learned from the experience.

“I know I didn’t place in the AFR State Speech Contest, and usually I would be frustrated, but I’ve learned over the past year that winning and losing are the same for me. If I won, I would’ve known that hard work pays off and I should be proud of all the hard work that I have done, but if I lost I would’ve told myself that I wasn’t working hard enough and therefore I would work even harder. We all need to improve ourselves as leaders and speakers. We all make mistakes and need to learn from them rather than simply give up or dwell on them. If I’m winning or losing, either way, I’m going to learn something about myself,” said Jesse.

Jesse plans to continue his journey in public speaking at the spring speech competition.