Christmas Break

Lana Hindbaugh, Editor

The end of the semester is coming up, and Christmas break is just around the corner.

Semester tests begin on Wednesday, December 19 and end Friday, December 21 at 1:30 p.m. Students are exempt from the tests if they have an ‘A’ with three absences, a ‘B’ with two absences or a ‘C’ with one absence. However, students should check with a teacher to verify their exemption status.

Semester Test Schedule:

Wednesday, December 19:

Morning Schedule –  Normal
5th – 12:09-12:42
6th – 12:46-1:19
7th – 1:23-1:56
8th (Test) – 2:00-3:25

Thursday, December 20 (Tests):

1st- 8:00-9:25
3rd- 9:30-11:00
Lunch- 11:00-12:00
5th- 12:00-1:30
7th- 1:30-3:00

Friday, December 21 (Tests):
2nd- 8:00-9:25
4th- 9:30-11:00
Lunch- 11:00-12:00
6th- 12:00-1:30

Teachers are scheduled to return January 7 for professional development, and classes resume January 8 for students. For more information, contact the high school office at 580-225-0105.