FFA Makes the Sale

Brooklyne Hargis, Staff Writer

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On November 5, Elk City FFA hosted their Annual Labor Auction. The reason behind the labor auction is not only to make money for the chapter but to make money for the students in the chapter.

In one night, the chapter made $23,575 dollars.  The money raised each year goes to things such as conventions, contests, showing of livestock and other activities. With the money from the labor auction, students benefit from it in many different ways. “It is important for everyone in the chapter to show up and help in some way. It doesn’t just benefit you it benefits everyone in the chapter in some way,” said Karie Dillinger.

The Labor Auction is the biggest fundraiser the chapter puts on each year besides selling Blue and Gold. This event isn’t only important to the teachers but the students as well. “It’s a time to come together and show how much you really care about your chapter. It’s only an hour out of your time, and you not showing up really shows a lot about your character and how much this chapter and your fellow members really mean to you,” said Abigail Bruner.