Big Elk Says It’s More Than Winning

Chrishawn Thompson, Staff Writer

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The Big Elks traveled to Weatherford for their final district game against the Eagles. The Elks struggled in the first half allowing 23 points. Right before halftime, the Elks drove the ball down the field which led to a 20-yard touchdown pass from Caden Culver to Drake Hughes. During halftime, defensive end Felix Gonzales gave his regular pep talk to encourage the team. ”Don’t stop fighting. We can play with them even though they’re up,” said Felix.
The Elks defense improved in the second half, keeping them in the game. The Eagles put their starters back in the game, and Grant Mcbroom led the defense with seven tackles. The Elks fought hard throughout the rest of the game, but it wasn’t enough to win. The Eagles won with the final score 15-37. “The season was tough. It didn’t go the way we wanted to, but we learned a lot because it’s not just about winning,” said Steve Valadez.