Cheerleaders Travel to Compete

Shaynae Smith, Staff Writer

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Elk City High School Cheerleaders placed 16 out of 34 teams at Game Day competition in Moore on November 3. They competed in a crowd-leading cheer, band dance, and fight song scoring a 201 in crowd leading. Their second highest score was the band dance, with a score of 140. Lastly, they scored a 117 in the fight song category for a total score of 458. “I think we did really well. We worked very hard and competed at a high level. For our team, we did great,” said freshman, Fenix Wright.

The cheerleaders have supported the football team at games and various events this season. They’re preparing for basketball season and will travel to Mangum for the first game on November 27.  “I am very proud of my team and how far we’ve come this year! I want to say a big thank you to everyone who supports us,” said Cheer Captian, Payton Duffy.