FFA Takes on National Convention

Brooklyn Hargis, Staff Writer

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The week of October 12, students from the Elk City FFA traveled to Indianapolis to join 67,000 other chapter members from across the country. Brooke Sutton, Mason Smith, Jesse Bui, Saxon Poole, Conner McCollum, Ariel Hawthorn, Hailey Earle, Katelyn Pierce, Brooklyn Hargis, Blake Miller and Kasen Moran made the long trip to represent Elk city at the convention.

They went to multiple workshops and learned about topics like leadership, agricultural communications and even how to turn the hardship of failure into something positive. One workshop in particular, called ‘Failing Forward’, described how to meet obstacles in life. During the session, the speaker emphasized that obstacles can be allowed to either make or break us and in order to get where you are going, you have to hit a few bumps, fall a few times and hear things that make you want to give up.

Another session a few students attended was, ‘Tweeting Transparency’. In this workshop, students were taught to not only advertise agriculture in a positive way but to try and stop the negative posts about agriculture. Examples of both negative and positive posts were shown and discussed. The speaker emphasized FFA is not just country, and it’s not all about showing. There are numerous activities you can partake in if you join this amazing organization.

Students went to many workshops and other character-building events. They also had a little fun attending a Garth Brooks concert, exploring the biggest Bass Pro Shop in the country and the aquarium inside the store. “I don’t want to go home. Being on this trip has made me realize I’m not ready to graduate,” said Brooke Sutton.