Showing Off

Photo Courtesy of Mason Smith
Mason showing at the Oklahoma City State Fair

Brooklyn Hargis, Staff Writer

Many FFA kids partake in showing every year, including sophomore Mason Smith. During the first nine weeks of school, Mason has shown at two shows including the Oklahoma State Fair and the Tulsa State Fair. He shows sheep and is great at what he does. He dominated at the State Fair placing second overall in his class.

He continued on to Tulsa and placed ninth overall in his class and said this was one of the lowest placings he’s received in an Oklahoma major show. “I was pretty upset but just getting to go and show is always fun,” said Mason. Although Mason loves his sheep and showing, his go-to quote will always be “sheep are very dumb.”

Mason has been showing for nine years. He started out whenever he was just seven-years-old. “My favorite memory is feeding my sheep, Tutu, cinnamon rolls and Dr. Pepper at the Tulsa Sale whenever I was eleven,” said Mason.